-  Handicap Accessible / Commercial Kitchen Available
-  WiFi has been upgraded and is Available for presentations
-  Round or Rectangular Tables / Black or White Table Cloths
-  Wireless microphones and a new projector available for rent with USB, HDMI, USB-C, and other adapters available for use with various devices.

Rental Fee Information:

Main Hall Rental:  3hrs. min. Mon - Thurs.  4hrs min. Fri. Sat. Sun.

Main Hall Rental Fee:  First hour $60.00.  Each additional hour $50.00 up to a maximum of $400.00 for the day.  A damage deposit of $300.00 payable at time of booking.

Major Functions (Weddings, Dances, Etc.) $400.00 (See Note 4)

Seminars and Minor Functions such as Showers, gift Openings, Small Birthday Parties, Etc.).  First hour is $60.00 and each additional hr. $50.00 (Max $400.00) (Note 1 & 4).

Funerals:   A Rate of $200.00 for hall rental. (See Note 5)
Games Room (South):  3 hr. minimum.  $50.00 for the First hr. and $40.00 for each additional hr.

Board Room:  $20.00/hr. (See Note 1 & 4)

Kitchen Use:

Minor Use:  See Note 2 $ 6

Major Use:  See Note 3 & 6


White Tablecloths each      $6.00

Ecru Tablecloths each        $2.00

Wine Glasses each              $0.25

Overhead Projector            $50.00
Set-up and take-down       $50.0 up to 75 People
Set-up and taake-down     $75.00 more than 75 People
1.  A reduction of $5.00/hr. will be applied to long term contracts (6 or more events in a twelve month Period)
2.  Minor Kitchen Use will be defined as the use of the kitchen to prepare and/or serve foods that do not necessitate the use of the gas range and major kitchen equipment.  Dishes, cutlery, kitchen linens and the dishwasher are available.  Examples such as pot luck meals, sandwiches, other cold foods.
3.  Major Kitchen Use will be defined as use of the kitchen with all. the appliances and equipment available to the user.
4.  All rentals include the use of the coffee urns free of charge.  The renters are responsible for emptying and washing the urns after usage.
5.  The Rendez-Vous Centre is responsible for laundering all tablecloths and kitchen linens.
6.  Caterers preparing.food for service off site will be charged according to kitchen use.

For More information and Bookings call Linda @ 780 619 4668