The Morinville Rendez-Vous Centre provides and maintains a facility to enhance the social and recreational quality of  life of those aged 50+ in Morinville and surrounding area.

We do this by:

1. Providing a meeting place for the recreation and interests of the members and promoting and affording opportunity for friendly and social activities.

2. Keeping members up to date on the Centre's activities.

3. Establishing and maintaining a social committee.

4. Providing necessary equipment and furniture for its various objectives.

5. Liaising with other groups (Heritage Lodge, Aspen house, etc.) to maintain a relationship.

6. Organizing fundraising as necessary to support the Rendez-Vous Centre.


President                               Mary Jane Brown       

Vice – President                   Mike Dubas        

Secretary                               Carol Kaup       

Treasurer                               Judy Baker           

Social Committee                 Nicky Coughlin             

                                               Rosie Badura       

Bookings & Rentals               Linda Mondor             

                                               Nancy Lalonde                    

Communications                  Jeannette MacMillan 

Maintenance                         Henry Lamoureux                        

Fund Raising                          Gary Pool                         

Special Projects                     Fred Carlson            

Supply Orders                        Fred Carlson                        

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                                               FAX     780 939 7796