April Birthdays

Sharon Kinahan 3rd                      Ed Baker 5th

Marilyn Boucher 9th.                     April Rose Heppleston 25th

Joanne Maurier 27th                     Gerald (Gerry) Morrow 27th

May Birthdays

 Peter Wozniak 1st                        Carmen Dubas 1st

Barbara Latham 4th                      Donna Garen 5th

Sharon Keene 15th                       Marilyn Irene Phillips 5th

Jerry Kaup 21st.                            Julie Theberge 24th

Sandra Love 27th.                         Bonnie Hartmann 30th


It has been suggested that the Rendez Vous Centre look at organizing trip excursions to various locations. The Rendezvous Board of Directors has formed a committee that is looking into the possibility of setting up excursions for our members.  We are looking at trips that our members would be interested in: (i.e. Casinos, Wineries, Telus Science Centre, West Edmonton Mall shopping trip, etc).  To keep our costs reasonable, participation of members is key.

What do you think would be of interest to our club members? Please forward your ideas to one of the following committee menbers or any of the Board Members.  Remember your ideas do matter:

Nancy Lalonde  at      nelalonde@telus.net

Colleen Keith     at.      cjkeith@shaw.ca

Thank you for your comments