August Birthdays


Tom Flynn 1st                                             Terry Edworthy 2nd

Diane Tellier 8th                                        Daneta Waples 8th

Diane Wozniak  11th                                      Nicky (Bernice) Coughlin 12th

Vic Hogan 13th                                          Carolyn Lee 14th                     

Roxanne Brooks 16th                              Dagmar Lietz 16th           

Walter Kwak 17th                                             Lucien Houle 18th                                    

Simone Riopel 18th                                  Rachel Bulger 20th                                   

Irma Bulger 22nd                                                 Cindy Johnston 27th                                     

Wayne Fuchs 29th 


It has been suggested that the Rendez Vous Centre look at organizing trip excursions to various locations. The Town of Morinville will no longer be organizing excursions for seniors. The executive is looking for ideas from RVC members that would have the interest of our members. i.e. casinos, wineries, Telus Science Centre. Participation is key.
What do you think would be of interest to club members? Please forward to one of the following:
Rosie Badura     at
Nancy Lalonde  at
Colleen Keith     at

Thank you for your participation.